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chino sweat! HOLY MOLY!

yup, i had the greatest night tonight..

okay, i found out the deftones concert was today and tried to find somebody to close for me and people that i short noticely close for said NO! can you belive that? i even offered my manager 150 smackaroos.. i feel bad though cause he ended up having to close but dude.. there's no way in hell i'd miss that concert.
oooo!! chino was RIGHT there infront of me and i got to touch him! haha, that sounds kinda odd but hey.
i got chino sweat on my hand and a drop of it on my face and i didn't know if dena got her fair share of sweat so i shared.. haha, sorry, but i thought you would like to have some.. hehe
and daniel was jumpin and a screamin and a rockin like dockin.. it was cool. yeah i'm tired.

dude! i saw the deftones! :D i'm so stoked right now, my bass could be snapped in two and i'd just be like.. hey, atleast i saw the deftones.. but if any of you do break it i'm still gonna beat you up, haha..

oh! and a funny thing, this guy was in line being a dork saying he had floor tickets for sale but was just being an ass and didn't, and when we got inside, WE were on the floor and HE was up in with the other not so fortunate people, HA! boofrigginya..

aaaand i got a box with flyers and stickers in it, woo! but there's a crap load of kill switch stickers........yeah no thanx.. but there's atleast some cool stickers in there, woohoo!

okay, i have a bunch of more stories about the concert but i gotta talk about somethin else now..

i'm so happy right now, you have no clue. just the thought of certain things can like, make a total shitty day into the best day ever. yupyup.

that's all for me, gnite!

PS now i know what happens when you put a car in park while it's going. DON'T DO IT! haha
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