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so much to tell!

oo! gooootta tell ya! just so all you all know, since the 17th it's been official with dena and myself! yup yup! and still is to this day, so i'm guessin that's a good sign. hehe.

FIRE! FIRE ON THE HILL!! yeah, theres a fire by my house and i can see it from my street. sPoOkY! i doubt it's gonna do anything to the houses over here but the fact that i can see a big ass fire is kinda odd.

doh! work sucked BIG TIME today. first off, i was late cause the stupid police said the road was closed when it wasn't and i woke up late cause i worked a long time the night before and hadn't slept at all and was pretty much just a rockstar that day. ha! anyhoo, then i get there and don't wanna do anything cause i'm DEAD and theeeen it starts to get busy and my fellow manager comes in and nothings ready so i start preppin everythin fast, right?

YEAH! more there is.. i accidently spill sauce on the floor and ALL OVER MY BRAND NEW LEOPARD VANS!!! IOEFWJ!!! oh how pissed i was..

oh! hey! there's more! then i run back out after cleaning my shoe and slip on the floor and land completely on my back and just lay there for a minute SOOO pissed off.. and then it gets really busy and some people didn't show up cause they live by the fire and.. yeah, it sucked.

meh, i'm tired. i must sleep. gnite mait!

PS pictures! i got new pictures! you'll see them soon enough.
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