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waka waka waka

arnold did it! now bring california back you big lug. you big naughty jungle of love! i'm not a fish!...... anyhoo, i'm back from MI for those who didn't know i went for the past week. yup. fun fun.
now i owe vanessa a back massage and get to work every day now! woo! sorry van, it will come soon.

oh! now i have no idea when i'm moving. it can either be january, feburary, march, april, may, june, ju... you get the idea.

and my car's startin to get finished up. gettin all the doodads fixed and replaced. so so much fun.

oo! AFI's comming up. stooooked. all i need is 300942 million dollars. yup.
oh! and i hate all you who try what shouldn't be tried and.. uh yeah, fuck off? tehe!

i grow weary, i'm gonna go lay with pogo, you have a good one. gnite

ps no, really.. fuck off.. (hardy har)
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