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yes! i had the boba. it was good but after a while the boba balls were just getting in the way of the peachy peach. mhm. i got a really cool straw now! woo! um, yeah. i got the pictures and uh, others look good but the goodness must have been too busy to stick around for mine. for they SUCK.

anyhoo! i wanna go to the beach now. i gots the ride, aaanyone wanna join me? hhmm? sheet! there's so much i wanna do now! buut, yeah. i donno. i think i'm gonna go see uncle cracker with my girlfriend lilly. PFT! haha! *knee slappin involved*

dammit! this entry is gettin long. i gots no one to talk to! where's my boy blue when i need him?! haha

okay, i'm gonna go to sleep. gnigheahaaaaaa!!

PS if you can't drink milk, don't get the one that has milk at home of the boba's. wooord.
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